Aljano’s Estate dates back to the Medieval times.
Here, vineyards are a true passion and wine making a centuries old art. This land, of such long established vocation, known since the XI century, was carpeted by vineyards at the time of His Serene Highness the Duke of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Today, this very same land is fulfilling a new dream, which has already produced its first, exquisite results.
Aljano’s winery, which has already become one of the most renowned in the area of Scandiano, today offers with its fine wines the tastes and flavors of an ancient tradition.

English subtitles soon.

Autumn Dinner: 4 nights

La cantina di Aljano è lieta di presentare Autumn dinner, un percorso enogastronomico composto da 4 serate, dove i gustosi piatti a tema della Bottega gastronomica saranno abbinati agli ottimi vini della cantina...