Aljano’s winery is a young enterprise and, yet, it has already taken a prestigious place in the sector in the whole area surrounding Reggio Emilia. The outstanding quality of its wines results from employing wine making processes that allow to get to a healthy and natural product. Aljano grows mainly local, indigenous vines, as Spergola, to  enhance the unique characteristics of the territory, as much as to cherish its typical products.

Aljano is not simply the place where great DOP wines are made, but it is also a special venue where to celebrate unforgettable moments in life, as weddings, as much as where to spent relaxing evenings with friends and family. Several of its gorgeous lounges and outdoors spaces are also the set for private and public events of all kinds.

The winery, all the vineyards and the land that make up the Aljano Estate lie at the foot of the Emilian Appenines and are surrounded by views of enchanting beauty.

Come visit us to savor the whole Aljano experience!


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