Tenuta di Aljano - i produttori
Tenuta di Aljano - le colline reggiane
Tenuta di Aljano lies nestled in the rolling hill country of Reggio Emilia. The estate is the dream come true of Modenese entrepreneur Vittorio Ferioli, his wife Giulia and son Marco, given their long-standing passion for wine and their appreciation for the typical local fare of the Emilia region. The estate of Aljano dates all the way back to medieval times. Here, people are passionate about their vineyards and winemaking is an age-old art. This land, where agricultural roots run deep and which is mentioned in documents dating back to the year 1000 A.D., was once carpeted by the vineyards of his Serene Highness the Duke of Modena and Reggio. The fertile soils of Jano, Figno and Montericco have been renowned since Medieval times for their abundance of “wheat, maize, beans, fodder, spelt, chestnuts, chestnut flour”; and just as important were figs, mulberries, olives, fruit trees and vines.Peasants were legally bound to plant at least ½ biolca (an ancient measure of land) of vine every year “ut habeatur maior boni vini copia“ (to ensure a greater quantity of good wines).*Today this ancient land spawns a new dream, which has already produced its first excellent results.

*From the Modena and Reggio Emilia State Archives



Tenuta di Aljano - Jano
Tenuta di Aljano - Scandiano
At 250 metres above sea level, the typically hilly nature of Tenuta di Aljano lends the wines produced here good body and complex bouquets. The subsoil is made up of sedimentary rocks comprising sandstone, marl, clay and gypsum (very important for the production of grapes for sparkling wine). The story goes that the Duke of Este mined from the quarry on the agricultural estate: after separating the gypsum from the sulphur, the gypsum was then used in the preparation of lime while the sulphur, mixed with charcoal and saltpetre from the Duke’s stables, was used to make gunpowder.