Mike Piazza at Aljano

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Aljano winery, as AC Reggiana sponsor, has been honored by the visit of the Baseball Hall Of Fame champion Mike Piazza, new owner of the AC Reggiana soccer team!

Firstly the guided visit at Aljano winery then a tasting of our wines together with the best food of Reggio Emillia area, finally some talk about wine, future projects and Reggiana; that’s the summary of the visit of the Champion. This visit has filled us with pride and confirmed to us how much our work is appreciated even by people of the caliber of Mike, who is regarded as one of the best offensive catchers in baseball history and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


A heartfelt thanks to Mike for the highly appreciated visit and for the strong message left about the goals he conquered in life and that Aljano is still chasing: “If you think like a champion, you can be a champion!”. We will do our best.



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